Budget Friendly Reimagined Kitchen

Has it been reimagined before? Oh, you bet!

Time for a brief history lesson: Our home was built in the late 90's, finished in 2000. Imagine - as I know you can - this kitchen had all the latest trends: Pergo floors, Corian countertops, pickled white cabinetry (that do NOT go to the ceiling), raised bar seating area, sit-on-top sink, white (inoperative) appliances and the always fabulous shiny brass cabinet handles. 

My husband and I bought our home in 2012 at the end of the house market crash. It was a foreclosure that had been listed and unlisted for sale a couple times due to various property issues (i.e no connected well or septic) and when I express to you that the home had been neglected and trashed...that's an understatement. Hence why we put an offer on it and scooped it up for a smoking great price!


Six weeks and countless gallons of cleaner, carpet shampoo and paint later, we were satisfied - and our wallets empty - that we could live in the home and save up for the renovations as we could afford them. 

Emphatically, the Pergo floor and Corian countertops went the wayside in 2014. All upper cabinets were removed one section at a time (to allow my husband time to adjust) between 2015 and 2017 and replaced with open shelving. All appliances were swapped out for stainless steel (1 at a time as we could afford them). Both the fridge and dishwasher were scratched floor models at the store so a discount was haggled by my husband. The wall oven we originally purchased was from a local used appliance shop. It served us well until it totally took a dive in 2019 and we had to buy a brand new wall oven (thank you 1 year- no interest payments). All the cabinets have been painted several times (white, red, brown, cream). Nasty 90's brass handles were updated to rubbed bronze.

Fortunately, my husband and I are equally talented when it comes to hands on renovation skills (and it always helps to know others in the construction community) so each step of the way has been reimagined on a slim budget.

Every stage of the previous upgrades were completed with aesthetics and functionality in mind, but never with a personal design flair in the forefront.

Is there anything wrong with how our kitchen currently functions or looks? Nope. 

Do I know what I'm about to get myself into? Ha-ha-ha NOOOO! Home reno projects always take me down a rabbit hole that I didn't expect!

Am I intimidated by the task ahead of me? Not one bit!

Join me on my journey over the next several weeks while I completely reimagine our home's kitchen. 

The Update Train has already left the station: 85% of the items have been selected and ordered. 

And I plan on accomplishing it all for $1500. Of course, we'll be putting in the sweat equity of removing the foam beadboard wallpaper, stripping cabinets, staining new open shelving, installing all new hardware...

Mmmmm.....there were a few clues as to what you'll be feasting your eyes on in the coming days!

Any bets on what part of this overhaul will bring the most satisfaction? 

Sit tight, friends! Reimaginings Interior Design will be delving deep into a kitchen overhaul to delight and tantalize, and the results will be... Well, check back in to see!

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